There must be something special about the purplish rays of our lavender fields because every day we receive requests for a schedule from professional and amateur photographers. It is easy for them to choose a favorite spot and shoot as if they can also capture the lavenders’ distinct scent and put them into print.

Of course, we are happy to know that we at Lavender Farm provide a very beautiful setting for all kinds of occasions. And we are delighted that our clients are one in saying that they receive more than what they pay for.

What is sightseeing if you have no camera with you? And what are pictures if they do not explicitly capture the moment. To get great pictures here are 10 tips.

Yes, we charge a fixed price for photoshoots taken in the Lavender Farm, for commercial photographers who come on hours the farm is not open, the price is higher. In return, they can shoot unlimited photo shoots on the day they choose. But since we receive lots of requests, reservations should be done one month ahead through our new system.

Other visitors are free to take pictures of their use (not selling them).