Vibrational and delta 8 flower essences, such as the Bach Flower Remedies and others, mix beautifully with many treatment modalities. Essences may be used before, during and at the end of any type of therapeutic session. Depending upon the need, they can be employed topically, by mouth, misted or diffused into the room. Essences can also be another tool to help keep in mind clients’ goals in the time between sessions. They can help reinforce the work and empower them in their progress, bringing them to a new place by the time the next meeting rolls around.

Essences also mix well with homeopathy. Contrary to the doctrines classical homeopathy may maintain, many practitioners and consumers find that essences work in a complementary — not conflicting — manner with homeopathic remedies.

Health Care Professionals Benefit, Too

If you are the client and your practitioner is not already using essences, then perhaps you can introduce them to one another. Together, you can use an essence during the session in any of the ways discussed here and let your therapist experience the difference personally.

Don’t neglect the fact that the practitioner also can benefit from the use of essences during his or her workday. Modeling good self-care to clients is important, and using essences can be one of the ways to do this. There are always one or two that seem to speak to any specific practitioner’s personal needs, and these can be used between sessions for centering and focus on the task at hand.

Essences for Massage Therapy, Facials and Energy Healing

Some massage therapists use a light lotion instead of oil on the client’s face, and this is a great way to add one or more flower essences. Just a couple of drops in the lotion before it is applied will do.

Essences are a way for estheticians to add a new dimension to their work. The contemplative and transformational aspects of the session can be enhanced by adding a few drops of one or more essences to the products used. At any or all steps of a session, this can help relax and reinforce the messages the work delivers at other levels.

When doing hands-on energy-work, a few drops of a vibrational essence on the therapist’s hands can make an amazing difference. The practitioner’s own imbalances can cause difficulty in being a good energy channel. With the use of an essence on the hands, the flow of healing energy can become smooth and easy almost instantly. Any time the energy session feels like it is “work” to the practitioner, this is a sign this approach may be called for.

In psychotherapy and counseling, the work can be greatly empowered, old patterns broken, and new behaviors adopted with remarkable speed and depth when essences are used in conjunction with more mainstream intervention approaches.

Optimally, a healthcare practitioner using essences in her practice should have some real training or strong natural gifts in counseling. Because vibrational essences work so deeply on an emotional/spiritual level, it is important that the therapist at the very least not be uncomfortable with patients who express strong emotions as they discover and explore them. Clients need to feel safe and at ease expressing themselves in the presence of the practitioner.

If this is not the case in your therapeutic relationships as a client or patient, do feel free to move on to find a different practitioner, despite how technically adept that professional may otherwise be. Why not insist on being treated sensitively, and accepted as a whole person?