Having to cultivate your small farm on your own is both rewarding and tough. Just like the 9 best random orbital sanders of 2021, you need the right equipment and tools for your small farm. Since farm tools may cost a fortune, you need to be wise in your investment.

To help you in this venture, we prepared a list of essential tools & equipment that may aid you in your small farm.


Seeders are useful equipment that help spread seeds. They’re necessary in dispersing seeds to the soil. When choosing the right seeders, consider the type of soil and crop you have on your small farm.

Pickup Truck

Pickup trucks are some of the most useful and versatile investments that you can make for your small farm. With a pickup truck, hauling things like firewood, building supplies, and fertilizers will be effortless.

Compact Tractor

If you own a small farm, you will need a tractor to undertake various tasks like tilling, plowing, planting, disking, and many other similar tasks. As the name suggests, this type of tractor is considerably smaller than the traditional tractor.

Nonetheless, it is more versatile and has adequate horsepower to do heavy lifting. If you are serious about your farming venture, you won’t go anywhere without this equipment.


This is another great addition to your small farm as it helps hauls tools and supplies with ease. With a farm utility vehicle, whether an ATV or UTV, you can transport things like firewood with ease.

Irrigation Equipment

The key to successfully growing a farm is a functional irrigation system. This equipment comes in different types including sprayers and agricultural pumps. The climate of your area and the size of your garden or plantation will determine the type of pump to invest in.

If you have a huge plantation, then an agricultural pump will do. If it is not as huge or if it’s only a mini-garden, sprayers would be an ideal option.

Garden Tools

How can you plant your crops without garden tools? Well, garden tools are very essential for planting, harvesting, weeding, cleaning, digging, and a lot more tasks. You can also include farm fences and pocket knives to your arsenal. Other miscellaneous items to consider include a garden hose, digging bar, and sanders.


Handcarts come in handy for transporting tools and crops around the farm. They are lightweight, durable, and can carry loads with ease. You especially need to invest in this equipment if your tools and equipment storage is far from your garden.

Composting Bin

If you think fertilizers are expensive, try making your own compost through composting. For this, you will need a composting bin to put green manure and manure for composting. Compost works better with organic fertilizer. Make sure to have it on your farm to ensure healthy growing crops.

Fertilizer Spread

A fertilizer spread is a must-have to keep your plants and crops abundant. It is used to spread the fertilizer evenly, making the task more efficient and time-saving.

Water Tanks and Feeders

For crops and livestock, these tools are a must-have to keep your animals and plants healthy. These tools keep them in good condition and prevent dehydration.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to buying farm tools, always prioritize the essentials. The right tools do not need to be expensive as long as they functional. These tools can save you money and many hours of labor. It is also important that you maintain these hardworking tools for them to have a long productive life.