Certified Organic Hood River Lavender-Oregon Tourist Attraction

Welcome to Hood River Lavender! Oregon Tourist Attraction!

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Lavender Daze Festival!

July 8 & 9, 2017

   In the foothills of the majestic Mt. Hood, carved by glacier and water, lies the pristine Hood River Valley.

Nestled in this lush Valley, Hood River Lavender Farm proudly resides on the volcanic slopes to display its

beauty to all.

    Known across the world for the quality fruit the Hood River Valley and Columbia Gorge produces, this same chemistry of soil, water, altitude, and terrain make exceptionally superb Lavender. This high quality lavender is noticeable in the essential oil made from the plants, which we naturally steam distill and use in our products. Our Organic essential oil of lavender is very helpful for tension, headaches, migraines, tired sore muscles, insomnia, congestion, nerves, depression, physical & emotional stress. We are proud to be on the Hood River Fruit Loop,  

and a Hood River County Chamber Member since 2003.


Hood River Lavender

Oregon Tourist Attraction


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