Hood River Lavender Certified Organic Aromatherapy


Lavender Oil &Aromatherapy 

Aromatherapy is rooted in herbal and folk medicine traditions. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Hebrews, Indians, and Chinese documented the use of fragrances for cosmetic and medicinal purposes. Aromatherapy came to North America from Europe, where physicians and cosmetologists explored the therapeutic benefits of essential oils for treating medical and psychiatric disorders.

Our essential oils and hydrosols are steam-distilled (the purest and safest method of retrieving essential oil) directly from our Certified Organic plants with our Old World Copper Distiller. The flowers are the only part of the plant that is used in our essential oil, and it is carefully harvested when at it's peak of bloom, early in the morning, to ensure that the highest quality oil is extracted.


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