Lavender Farm is not the only destination in town, but if you miss it, you lose a chance of a great getaway adventure. We are changing how we open and welcome guests to our farm tours every day. We set trends by offering guests food, drinks, hats, umbrellas, and other homey kinds of stuff that will make them comfortable while on the tour. There are carts to ride when walking under the hot sun becomes intolerable. Furthermore, there are tour guides to serenade and take a picture of you, your children, and your dogs in the beautiful settings of Lavender Farms.

Be guided of our tour offerings:

SEE– an acre of rolling hills of lavender fields, plus crops like rosemary, sage, basil, oregano, thyme, and other herbs that grow well with lavender. Lavender Farm is overlooking a mountain that gives temporary shade to the guests. It also serves as a landmark to amateur mountaineers

SMELL – our varieties of lavender plants are the most fragrant. With so many varieties, “purpling” on our farm from June till August, its minty scent floated out as if it will not run out.

HEAR – the place is so quiet. You will hear the chirping of our native birds. You will hear the melody of the shallow water at our farm pond.

TOUCH – there is a flower maze inspired by the ancient Hopi design the “Man in the Maze”, which is truly a unique part of our self-guided farm tour. Unlike other mazes, there are no maddening dead ends here. Our Lavender Farms maze is a journey that leads your way out through the changes in the colors of the lavender from dark to light, surrounded, always, by the soothing smell.

TAKE HOME – you can pre-order any of our products on the day of your visit. However, due to the Covid19 situation, we will have your orders ready for you to take home after your visit. The on-farm gift shop is not open until further advice.

Be sure to include our chocolate moist cake with buttercream on top. To be sure you won’t miss a thing here, visit Lavender Farms What to do. If you are hungry after our farm tour, check out our cafes and try our lavender flavored drinks and goodies.

For interested parties, we have special nurseries where we do workshops. There are speakers and farmers as well who will guide and teach you about lavender gardening, farming, distilling, and photographing lavender. These workshops must be arranged before arrival. Click on each tour for more information. There is no extra charge.

Reservation fees:

  • Self-Guided tour: $7.00
  • Guided Tours: Additional $3.00
  • No charge for kids under 10, but they still have to be registered.
  • Seniors (60 years old and above) enjoy a 20% discount.
  • The farm is open during the summer blooming season daily from 10 am – 5 pm